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Club Amigo is a very special place. We have all seen the reviews on other sites, good and bad. Those of us who return time after time know that it is not the buildings, it is the people that we love. There is a certain atmosphere, created by the wonderful character of the Cuban people, and the many friends we all make as soon as we arrive. So many people have now made friends on this site, and regularly meet at Club Amigo, we have really lost count. Just be sure there will always be someone there that you know, as well as the staff, who have become friends with so many of us.

The main Club Amigo Atlantico hotel has been newly renovated, with a brand new kitchen and buffet restaurant, expanded lobby bar and new lobby. There have been many new and continuing improvements.

There is plenty to do at Club Amigo, or you can just relax and do nothing. There is no rule book, we just hope everyone enjoys themselves as much as we do.

Cuba lives at a different pace from the modern world, it is not perfect and there are some things that certainly need to improve. In the meantime, why not join us and step back in time in a place that a Cuban friend told me is "Chicken Soup for the Heart."

Club Amigo is located in the beautiful Guardalavaca countryside. The history of the region dates back to the day when Admiral Christopher Columbus first saw the Cuban land and said in a very poetic way: "this is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen". He pronounced those words when he disembarked on the Holguin coast in 1492. The name of Guardalavaca comes from two different sources; one from the pirate activities in the region; supposedly they kept their hauls on the beach (also named "vacas").

The other version, of more credibility, attributed the name to the voice that gave the natives warning when the marine thieves were getting closer as they were yelling "Guarda la vaca" (guard the cow; meaning hide the hauls).

Watch Kris Cann's Video about Club Amigo Guardalavaca.

Welcome to our site! A meeting place for all friends of Club Amigo, Guardalavaca, Cuba. This site is for everyone, whether you are a regular visitor to Club Amigo, or making travel plans and would just like some information.

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As per our Company policy, we don´t confirm specific requests (specific numbers of room, balcony, pool side, ocean view, minifridges, etc). We just guarantee what tour operators have already contracted.

Anyway, we do our best for our dear guests to be satisfied. First of all, once we do receive their reservations requests from agencies, we have them written as to be taken into consideration by Reception Management BEFORE their arrival. Not to say that Public Relations personnel is focused on this purpose.

Thank you for your comprehension and have a nice day !!!!!!!.


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